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Safety is our top priority! Please review and follow all safety rules and recommendations:

  • LEASEE/RESPONSIBLE PARTY SUPERVISION must be maintained at all times. The bounce house/rental equipment should never be left unattended while IN USE or inflated.

  • The correct number of operators must always be present with the unit (at least 1 adult). DO NOT allow children to play on the inflatable without adult supervision. Adult supervision is necessary to enforce these rules for safe operation of the inflatable. 


  • NO SHOES or sharp objects should be used in the bounce house at any time.

  • It is recommended that all bouncers empty their pockets before entering the bounce house.

  • All bouncers should remove eyeglasses, jewelry and any other hard or sharp objects before entering the bounce house.

  • NO FLIPS, WRESTLING OR ANY OTHER FORMS OF ROUGH HOUSING should be allowed in the bounce house. No laying down while others are jumping serious injury could occur.

  • DO NOT allow bouncers to run into and/or bounce against the walls or support pillars of the bounce house.

  • DO NOT allow bouncers to run or jump through the entrance of the bounce house. It is recommended that all bouncers enter and exit the bounce house in a seated position. 

  • Bouncers should be grouped according to age and size. Ages 3 and up only. No Pets.

  • DO NOT allow any climbing or hanging on any interior or exterior surface of the bounce house.

  • DO NOT USE THE BOUNCE HOUSE DURING RAIN, STORMS OR HIGH WINDS. The jumping surface becomes very slippery when wet and high winds can be dangerous resulting in injury. In the event of rain, lightening or wind, all bouncers should exit the unit. The bounce house should then be deflated by switching the blower motor power to the OFF position and unplug it. If it is raining, please place the blower in shelter. 


  • Around Town Bounce is not responsible for striking or damaging any underground utility lines/devices (included but not limited to electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, etc.). It is lessee’s responsibility to inform us where inflatable is to be set up and have any underground utility lines marked prior.


  • We are currently taking credit/debit cards and cash. We will also except business checks from corporations and organizations. No personal checks please.


  • Colorado weather can change in an instant. Please understand if we have to cancel your reservation due to inclement weather, we will always contact you the day before your booking to discuss the possibility of a cancellation/rebooking and will also be willing to reinstate your reservation if things change.

  • If there is a possibility of weather changing, at the time of delivery/set up we will go over how to care for the unit and provide documentation.

  • There are no refunds once the units are delivered and set up, however you will be fully refund any payments or deposits if we cannot set up due to weather conditions.


  • After reserving one of our units, you will receive a confirmation email as well as an attachment containing our Rental Agreement, Release & Liability Waiver, Safety Agreement and Operating Instructions. Please review these documents. If there are any questions about the agreement or policies, please contact us after they have been reviewed. We will have copies for you to sign at the time of delivery. 

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